The Austria Haus Club is a Private Residence Club designed to provide the pleasures and benefits of owning a second home at one of Colorado’s premier resorts – without the stress and expense of whole ownership. 

If you are like many of our members, your life is very busy and family vacations are precious. With fractional ownership, you can comfortably balance the actual time spent in your vacation property with the proportionate cost of ownership.

Our amenities are tailored to serve the members needs and active owner participation in club management helps shape future service offerings.  The property features and amenities exhibit a sense of luxury and comfort that continues to attract families looking to enjoy the Vail Valley year round.

Membership Benefits

Membership at the Austria Haus Club, offers many appealing advantages compared to second home ownership. Time spent here is hassle free and effortless. As a member at the Club your focus is solely on relaxation and creating memories with family and friends, rather than dealing with maintenance and repair problems!

Imagine arriving to a well appointed, meticulously maintained and comfortable residence. Your personal items are here, having been carefully stored since your last visit. You can relax and unwind knowing that housekeeping and the services of a knowledgeable concierge team are in place to assist with all of the details before and during your stay. Your concierge can arrange to have your pantry stocked with the groceries you request and make those hard to get dinner reservations in advance of your actual arrival.
Membership features a 1/9th deeded interest with 5 weeks guaranteed, plus unlimited additional stays based upon availability. Your deeded interest in the Club’s private residences, and common areas is much like an equity ownership in an exclusive country club.

And, if you are not able to use a vacation week, in most cases you may try to rent your condo or exchange with other members, or “assign” your unwanted weeks to THIRD HOME. 

Ownership Details

There are 7 two bedroom, 5 three bedroom, and 6 three bedroom penthouse units in the club. Based upon one ninth ownership, the eighteen condominiums equates to a total of 162 Owners. No additional ownerships can be sold which assures members are guaranteed 5 weeks per year plus additional opportunity to enjoy any space available that develops. As an owner you have the right to use, rent or trade your assigned weeks to other parties with few restrictions. Your guests are extended the same privileges as an owner during their stay.

Owners are required to remit annual owner assessments, paid on a quarterly basis, which pays for the professional management of all the Club’s facilities, services and amenities. Included in these annual fees are funds intended to be held as financial reserves to be applied towards the repair and replacement of furniture, fixtures and building infrastructure. The Association budget is developed annually, reviewed by the Board and presented to the membership for approval each year at the Annual Meeting.

The Austria Haus Condominium Association is privately managed by the Association General Manager, who in turn reports to the Board of Directors for the Austria Haus Condominium Association. The volunteer board is comprised of three owners who are elected by the membership, along with a hotel representative, and a retail property representative.   Board meetings are held four times/year and are open to the membership.