Fractional ownership is a method by which parties can share in the ownership of a physical asset or piece of resort real estate in exchange for some amount of access. One of the main motivators for a fractional purchase is the ability to share the costs of maintenance amongst ownership when the asset is not used full time by any owner.

Every fractional project requires management to administer the pre-established rules and regulations and to maintain the asset as described in the ownership documents. Each owner is guaranteed a minimum amount of access to the asset according to the governing documents. Additionally, each owner pays a portion of the annual management fees and maintenance, relative to the percent of ownership. Austria Haus Club members buy a deeded 1/9th share which means they each are guaranteed to have access to their condo 5 weeks per year. Each owner is free to sell their share at anytime. The share can be mortgaged or resold like any other piece of real estate.


Benefits of Fractional Ownership 

The Austria Haus Club offers a flexible and convenient way for your family to enjoy a luxury vacation home in the heart of Vail Village. Unlike whole ownership, however, the investment for an interest in the Austria Haus Club is aligned more closely with typical vacation costs for time spent at a luxury property. Ownership guarantees several winter and summer weeks in residence each year, plus unlimited access, based upon availability.

Austria Haus fractional ownership provides owners with the certainty that the quality, services and comforts of home they expect are never at risk compared to the surprises that may come with renting in a resort market. Come see for yourself if the Austria Haus is right for your family.