Owners receive guaranteed use of two weeks in the winter, two weeks in the summer, plus a 5th optional week in either in the summer or the winter. In addition there is no limit to the amount of space available use. The only constraint is use by other owners. Reservation policies allow owners to reserve vacation time well in advance, yet can also accommodate last-minute getaway decisions.

How does the flexible week assignment process work?
The Austria Haus Club vacation week assignment process was designed to equitably allocate peak period reservations when demand for lodging may exceed supply. A rotating priority reservation system insures all owners will have equal access to peak-period lodging over a period of years.
The rotational system is perfect for owners who are looking for flexibility in their vacation stays each year and don’t want to be locked into the same weeks. For example, an owner may want to bring their family together one year for the Christmas holiday. The following year, you may want to request time during school vacation or Spring Break. One benefit of the rotating system is that you have the opportunity to select different weeks annually as your family needs change over time.
Some owners may find that after selecting their vacation weeks for a given season that their plans change. Fortunately they have several options. Many look to trade a week with another member, rent their week for additional income or exchange their week for another property, a benefit all members receive thanks to our affiliation with THIRDHOME.