What is the Austria Haus Club?

The Austria Haus Club is a private, member-owned club comprising spacious two, three and three bedroom penthouse residences. Nestled in the heart of Vail Village, The Austria Haus Club is just steps from the covered bridge and ski slopes. The Bavarian-style architecture and interior design of the Club combine the charm and ambiance of Europe with all the grandeur and beauty Vail has to offer. This private member-owned residence club of 18 luxurious condominiums offers a host of world class amenities and services providing a perfect destination for your family vacations. The Club amenities include daily continental breakfast service, members’ lounge, ski locker storage room at the club and an on mountain ski valet service, on-site workout facility and access to a fully-equipped health club, heated outdoor swimming pool and hot tub, heated and secure underground parking and long-term clothing/equipment storage for each membership.

How is ownership of the Club evidenced?

Title is evidenced by a real estate deed which is recorded and is guaranteed by a title insurance policy. Each member owns an undivided deeded interest in one of the Club’s elegantly furnished private residences. Each member also owns an undivided deeded interest in the common areas.

Why was the Private Residence club (also known as Fractional Ownership) concept developed?

The Private Residence club is designed to: 1) Provide more convenience, services and amenities than are provided by an equally luxurious condominium development; 2) Provide members with as much vacation use as a typical vacation homeowner uses his or her vacation home; 3) Match the purchase price with this owner usage.

Because you are only paying for the time you use, fractional ownership can be a more cost effective way to vacation in the most desirable locations around the world. The bottom line is clear: Fractional ownership allows you to enjoy all of the ownership privileges of a top of the line luxury resort condo at a fraction of the cost of whole ownership. Ownership is hassle free. In addition to top of the line services at your disposal, you never have to worry about repairs, maintenance or housekeeping. Everything is taken care of for you.

How many memberships are available?

Austria Haus offers a total of nine memberships for each Club residence for a total of 162 memberships.
Is the Austria Haus Club a timeshare development?

No. Timeshare is not a permitted use in Vail Village. As a private resort club, Austria Haus Club gives members access to all Club residences of their membership type and all Club facilities with the right to use them anytime, subject to reservation policies. Austria Haus Club membership is very similar to membership in a prestigious equity golf country club, except members reserve lodging rather than tee times.

How often can members use the Club?

As often as they wish, subject to availability and the Club’s reservation policies. Each membership can reserve up to 14 days of Planned Winter Vacations, 14 days of Planned Summer Vacations and one Optional Week which can be reserved in the Winter or Summer but not both. After all Planned and Optional Vacations are reserved, members can reserve additional lodging on a “space available” basis. 

Will I always stay in the same Club residence?

No. Members have equal access to all Club residences of their membership type. Members may request a specific residence and this request will be granted, when possible.
What if the number of members wishing to stay at the Club exceeds the number of residences available?

The Austria Haus Club has been designed to equitably allocate peak period reservations when demand for lodging may exceed supply. A rotating priority reservation system insures all members will have equal access to peak-period lodging over the years.

Which family members have Club privileges?

Spouses and dependent children under the age of 25 have full membership privileges.

What are the guest privileges?

Guests staying at the same Club residence with a member are not charged. Members may invite unaccompanied Guests to use their confirmed Planned Vacation Periods without an additional fee.

Can Members rent their confirmed reserved Vacations?

Yes, members may rent as many Planned or Optional Vacation weeks as they wish, with the exception of high demand periods including Christmas and New Years weeks. Space Available Vacations may not be rented.

Do members pay annual membership fees?

Yes. The annual membership fees pay for the professional management and operation of all Club facilities and amenities. Included in these annual fees are funds for staff salaries, supplies, maintenance, insurance, trash removal, legal/accounting, fuel, utilities, property taxes and replacement and refurbishing reserves of Club facilities.

Do members pay a check-out fee when they stay at the Club?

Yes, a checkout fee is charged for each visit and includes daily breakfast and housekeeping, wifi, valet heated underground parking for one vehicle and access to the athletic facilities.

Can members use the Club facilities if they are not staying overnight at the Club?

Yes, “Day Use” is available to our members which includes unlimited use of the Club’s amenities and service (Club lounge, swimming pool, exercise room). This is subject to availability and priority usage rights are assigned to Members and/or Guests lodging at the Club. Members should contact the Club prior to the intended day of use to assess availability of services and amenities. Members and their Guests must check in daily with the Club Concierge to register for Day Use. The Club has the right to limit Day Use by Members and the number of Guests accompanying a member for Day Use. Breakfast is not available for Day Use Members and Guests.

Can families, individuals, or companies share a membership?

Yes. Austria Haus Club membership allows two individuals and their families to have Club privileges. In addition, partnerships, corporations and trusts can also become members.

Who establishes the membership dues and controls the affairs of the Club?

A member-elected Board of Directors establishes budgets and dues on an annual basis for approval by members.
Can an Austria Haus Club Membership be sold?

Yes. Like any other form of real estate, the member’s deeded interest can be sold or transferred by the member, or sold by a licensed real estate agent through the multiple listing service, subject to the Club Declaration and Bylaws.