The Austria Haus Club is a private residence club perfectly situated in the heart of Vail Village. Exhibiting elements of Bavarian-style architecture and luxurious interior design, Austria Haus combines the charm and ambiance of Europe with all the grandeur and beauty Vail has to offer. Members and guests enjoy easy access to fashionable boutiques, gourmet restaurants and world class cultural events such as the symphony and ballet.


History of the Property


The development was conceived by the Austria Haus Development Group in the late 1990’s as a mixed use property consisting of a commercial retail unit, an independently owned boutique hotel and fractional ownership condominiums. Ownership of the eighteen condominiums (7-two bedroom, 5- three bedroom, and 6- three bedroom penthouse) would be divided into one-ninth shares, for a total of 162 owners, to operate as the Austria Haus Condominium Association.  

Creating luxury fractional residences in a shared property with an elegant boutique hotel and retail properties was cutting edge at that time and the Austria Haus would become Vail’s original fractional residence club. It took years to identify the right location, assemble the project team, align resources, acquire permits, and over 18 months to complete construction of this luxury multi-use property in Vail Village. By the time the property opened during a December 1998 snowstorm, all 162 owner shares had been sold. Since that time, a number of other properties have tried to emulate the success of the Austria Haus Club and Hotel properties with mixed results.

Club members Marc and Cynthia Thornburgh led the original property development team, are original condo owners and continue as owners of the Austria Haus Hotel. The 25 room hotel is managed and operated by Vail Resorts Hospitality, while the fractional residences of the Austria Haus Condominium Association are privately managed and governed by a member elected Board of Directors.  This unique arrangement is virtually invisible to guests and it provides both businesses with the ability to provide a higher level of services and amenities that both club members and hotel guests can enjoy.